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9th Int. AVCA Motorfahrer-Wertungsfahrt 2023

a rally for ancient vehicles manufactured until 1918

INVITATION and ENTRY FORM  later available

The winner will be awarded the “Melanie Gräfin Khevenhüller-Metsch Erdödy Trophy” in Velden am Wörthersee from August 30th to September 03th

2023 Wertungslauf zum ASC-Messingpokal

Melanie Gräfin Khevenhüller-Metsch was a pioneer concerning the history of cars in Austria. As one of the founders of the Austrian automobile club and as a member of the Executive Board she played an active role in the various activities of the club in the early years. With her enthusiasm for races, she had not only organized car races already at the beginning of the last century but she had also taken part in these car races herself. Her car, the “Mercedes Simplex 1904“, has been owned by the Carinthian noble family Khevenhüller-Metsch since 1905. The countess original car, driven by her great-grandchild, Count Khevenhüller-Metsch, is taking part in the rally as well but outside the ranking. To support the Austrian Automobile Club ÖAMTC, the Khevenhüller-Metsch family has decided to donate a challenge cup.

The previous winners of this copy of the original cup were. (The original cup is part of the private collection of the Khevenhüller-Metsch family)

  2005 Heinrich Brühne - Mercedes Knight,

  2008 Helmut Czajka - Laurin & Klement

  2010 Willi Holländer - Renault BZ

  2012 Egon Grünwald - Rochet Schneider,

  2014 Wolfgang Krämer - Brasier

  2016 Stefan Lochbühler - Buick

  2018 - Wolfgang Pressinger - Benz 8/20 Doppelphaton

  2021 - Heinrich Jahn - Hupmobile 32 Roaster

The aim of the Automobil Veteranen Club Austria (AVCA) is to support a “museum on wheels“ on Carinthian roads. Velden am Wörthersee provides the perfect conditions for this event. We would like to invite you to attend the rally. The routes and distances are carefully selected to meet the requirements of ancient vehicles manufactured until 1918. Neverthess, please keep in mind that you have to cover a distance of about 150 km every day and that hilly terrain and short ascents are part of the beautiful Carinthian landscape.

Program, Entry Fee and Timetable: See invitation above

This rally is open to all vehicles manufactured until 1918.

According to AVAC all vehicles shall be in original condition. Any adaption has to meet the requirements of that period. Since this is a FIVA rally, you have to present your FIVA document.

The ranking is divided into two categories, according to the years of manufacturer defined by the FIVA : Category A “Ancestor“: vehicles manufactured until 1904

Category B “Veteran“ : vehicles manufactured between 1905 and 1918 (subdivided into:)

B1 : up to 2000 ccm engine capacity

B2: up to 3000 ccm engine capacity

B3: up to 3000 ccm engine capacity

Rooms have been reserved for 40 teams at the 4*Superior Seehotel EUROPA Rooms will be distributed on a first come first served principle. We try to meet your special requirements if possible.  We kindly ask you to accept that participants who have already attended the rally several times might be preferred if they register in time.

As soon as we receive your entry form and the entry fee or the deposit of EURO 400.00 you will get a confirmation. Rooms have been reserved for 40 teams in the ****Superior Seehotel Europa. For those who have already taken part and would like to have the same room as in 2016, please indicate your preferred room number. Rooms will be distributed on a first come first served principle.

Details for your payment: Please indicate the following reference:

Dr. Helmut Czajka AVCA – MFWF Velden 2018 - Don’t forget to fill in your name! Unicredit Bank Austria, 1010 Wien, Schottengasse 6 - 8 IBAN: AT82 1200 0256 1042 9905 BIC: BKAUATWW

Please make sure that you indicate your name when completing the money transfer! As soon as we receive the entry fee or the deposit of EURO 400.00 you will get a confirmation. By submitting the entry form, every participant acknowledges the common regulations, which will be handed out together with the road book. On request, this invitation is also available in German.

Please contact us as written below.

Furthermore, you can download the German version on  or

Registration is possible online/via mail/fax (please attach a photo of your vehicle):

Automobil Veteranen Club Austria (AVCA) Hermann Tratnik,Rudolf-Kattniggstr.1/7, 9500 Villach-Österreich fax: ++43(0) 4274 2103 50 (Veldener Tourismusgesellschaft) e-mail: tratnik.hermann(at)  ,  tel.: ++43(0)4242 289364; mobile: ++43(0) 664 8982110;

INFO - English / Italian Mr Bernie Pichler-Koban, Mrs Sabine Aigner Veldener Tourismusgesellschaft, Villacherstr.19, 9220 Velden, Österreich tel.: ++43(0)4274-210, fax: ++43(0)4274-2103-50 e-mail: info(at)

Our hotel address: Seehotel EUROPA ****Superior, Jakob und Renate Wrann, Wrannpark 1-3, 9220 Velden am Wörthersee, Österreich tel:++43(0)4274 2770, e-mail: seehotel.europa(at)

Sponsors and pictures of participants from 2018