About AVCA

We want to do more than just enjoying our hobby by owning an old vehicle and taking it out for the occasional run. This means standing on one leg only.

Our aim is to comprehensively list the existing stock in Austria of all vehicles of historic and technical value, to restore them, keep them in working order and, possibly even enlarge their number.

At our frequent club meetings we arrange lectures held by skilled experts, or movies ect about various events.

Over many years and in accordance with FIVA rules, we organise big international regularity and reliability trials  which are very popular indeed. As our numerous members have detailed knowledge about different brands, including extinct ones, we can also help with advice and expertise. 

Our members have collected quite comprehensive private archives thus contributing effectively to the automotive history of Austria. 

So. why do we do all this? Why lift our hobby on almost academic standards?

For we believe in the important role the Austrian automotive history played in the technical development of this "invention of the century" as a whole.

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