Henry Goldhann

Heinrich Goldhann, also known as „Henry“ to his friends, founded our club in 1972. Ever since the early 1960´s he was an integral personality of the first Austrian veteran car club.

From his early days on, as a small boy, he showed particular interest in all automotive matters. And before he finished his High School exams he already had old cars, his main target being pre WW One vehicles. He drove them with great enthusiasm and often carried out himself any repair work. After WW Two he managed to find numerous old vehicles which he put back on the road, travelling long distance routes through Europe. To our knowledge he never owned a “new” car.

In 1956 he found by chance a 1910 Austro-Daimler – from the Imperial car fleet! Known as the “Kaiserwagen”, this limousine was the ultimate attraction of many an event.  

Together with a few friends he founded the AVCA in 1972 which he chaired as its president until 1982. He also chose the motto “pro pulchro et bono” which is shown on the AVCA emblem.

Both his wife Melanie and his daughter Regina were equally enthusiastic rally participants in their rare 1908 Stoewer. Henry´s preference were Austrian makes; he possessed several Austro-Daimler and Steyr cars.

Heinrich Goldhann infected many others with the veteran car bacillus – one could even say he was the “Pope” of the veteran car movement of Austria per se.

Having suffered heavily from a long and serious illness, he passed away on 30 November 1995. “Henry” and the Austrian old car movement will be connected together in eternity.

We shall always follow his famous saying:

 „An old car needs to be kept on the road, not in a museum!”